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Terms and conditions for guests

A The terms and conditions for guests and their visitors must be:

  1. Specified by the licensees, and clearly written in both Arabic and English. 
  2. In electronic, printed or any other form that does not conflict with the legislation in force in the State and the Emirate.
  3. It should contain the necessary information mentioned in this part of the guide.
  4. It is the responsibility of the guests to ensure that their visitors and guests comply with these terms and conditions set by the licensees, otherwise the guest will be considered responsible for their violation of these terms and conditions, which will result in taking the necessary measures by the Department or the licensees against the violating guests.

These terms and conditions must include all the following details and data:

  1.  A complete and accurate description to identify the vacation home (name of the licensee, address and name of the building, holiday home number).
  2.  Contact details of licensees and their representatives (phone number and e-mail).
  3.  The inmate’s name, email and phone number(s).
  4. Dates of stay and time of entry and departure. 
  5. The total amount of the payable fare and any other fees. 
  6. The amount and timing of the advance payment and the remaining amount due. 
  7. Provisions regarding booking modifications and cancellations, and confiscation or refund of amounts paid. 
  8. Services available in the building (such as swimming pool, gym and other services).
  9. And the car park number assigned to the guest. 
  10. The maximum number of guests allowed is (2) adults and (2) children under the age of (14) years for the first bedroom or studio, and (2) adults and (1) child under the age of (14) years for each additional bedroom And one (1) person only for the room of the assistant or guard.
  11. Guests are responsible for the behavior of their visitors. 
  12. The maximum number of visitors allowed is (1) adult and (1) child under the age of (14) years for each bedroom, provided that the total number of visitors does not exceed (6) visitors, unless approved by the building or residential complex administration and licensees. A higher number in special cases, and the room of the assistant worker or guard is not counted. 
  13. The maximum number of vehicles allowed to be present at the vacation home site, and determining the parking spaces for the vehicles of guests and their visitors in the holiday home. 
  14. Information related to waste disposal or recycling including, for example, waste disposal areas, containers and waste collection days.
  15. The terms and conditions must cover any other issues that may be necessary in general in connection with the activity of renting vacation homes, and any other conditions of a special nature, provided that they do not conflict with the legislation in force in the Emirate and this guide.

The internal rules that inmates and their visitors must a:

 Guests and visitors must comply with the following general rules and obligations:

  1.  Comply with the obligations stipulated in the Decree and the decisions issued pursuant thereto, and this guideline.

  2. Ensure that the basic purpose of the holiday homes activity is respected.

  3. Respect the comfort facilities and the security of the property and the neighbors.

  4. Refrain from any uncivilized and inappropriate behaviour.

  5. Not to make disturbing noises to the occupants of neighboring properties, especially between the hours of (10) in the evening and (8) in the morning and during their entry and exit from the holiday home at any time throughout the period of residence.

  6. Not holding parties or any such activities in the holiday home.

  7. Comply with parking regulations, be considerate of others, and cause as little inconvenience as possible to others with regard to parking.

  8. Dispose and recycle in accordance with normal practices in the holiday home and in designated containers and areas.

  9. Do not leave excess waste in public or common areas.

  10. Comply with the requirements for waste collection and recycling days set by Dubai Municipality, and adhere to the instructions related to waste disposal or limiting its accumulation.

  11. Notify the licensee of any disputes or complaints as soon as possible.

Behavior and actions that do not comply with these internal rules may result in:

  1. Termination of the permit for the holiday home.

  2. Evacuation.

  3. Loss of the paid insurance amount or accommodation amounts.

  4. Pay additional fees depending on the damage to the holiday homes or to third parties.

  5. The licensee must place a poster in the holiday home in a visible place, and this poster must con

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