Latest Events and Activities

Latest Events and Activities at On Plan Real Estate

Welcome to the page dedicated to the latest events and activities related to On Plan Real Estate. We are committed to providing you with the most up-to-date news and updates about our social contributions and engagements. Here, you will find a brief overview of some recent events and activities we have undertaken:

  1. “Feed the Fasting and Invest with God” Initiative: We have launched the “Feed the Fasting and Invest with God” initiative in collaboration with Dar Al Ber Society during the blessed month of Ramadan. Through this initiative, we provided thousands of Iftar meals to workers and worshippers. The aim of this initiative is to support and alleviate the hardships faced by the poor and those in need during this sacred month.

  2. Community Engagement: We believe in the importance of community participation. Therefore, we actively engage in various local events and activities. We participate in environmental awareness campaigns, educational initiatives, and cultural events to promote awareness and make a positive impact on society.

  3. Launch of New Real Estate Projects: We have recently launched several new real estate projects characterized by modern designs and comprehensive facilities. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality homes and facilities that meet the needs and aspirations of our clients.

4. Strategic Partnerships: We strive to develop strategic partnerships with different companies and organizations to enhance our capabilities and expand our scope of work. Through these partnerships, we aim to achieve excellence and provide innovative services and products to our clients.

5. Innovation and Technology: We place great emphasis on sustainability and technological advancements. We embrace innovation and utilize modern technologies in our real estate operations to improve efficiency and deliver exceptional experiences to our clients.


Check this page to stay updated on the latest events and activities we undertake. We are working diligently to achieve sustainable development and enhance the well-being of the community. We look forward to your participation in our journey towards progress and success.



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