“On Plan Real Estate and Dar Al Ber Launch “Feed the Fasting” Initiative”

“On Plan Real Estate and Dar Al Ber Launch “Feed the Fasting” Initiative”

On Plan Real Estate Company, based in Dubai, in collaboration with Dar Al Ber Society, has launched the initiative “Feed the Fasting and Invest with God” to provide Iftar meals throughout the blessed month of Ramadan. The campaign aims to distribute approximately 9,000 Iftar meals, with 300 meals being distributed daily to workers and worshippers, totaling AED 135,000, equivalent to AED 15 per meal. The meals will be distributed at a mosque for government employees in Dubai.

Ahmed Al Daula, the Real Estate Advisor and Chairman of On Plan Real Estate Company, expressed his delight regarding this initiative, which falls within the company’s commitment to social and humanitarian activities. The charitable campaign aims to foster engagement with all segments of society, spreading happiness and joy. It is driven by the company’s social mission to support charitable and humanitarian work, particularly during this sacred month, as a means of alleviating the hardships faced by workers and those in need. The company proudly participates in bringing smiles to their faces.

On Plan Real Estate Company consistently emphasizes comprehensive social responsibility and promotes a sense of loyalty and belonging to the generous nation. It has integrated this concept into its work program, considering it a priority and a message to strengthen bonds of mercy and unity among all members of society during this holy month. The “Feed the Fasting” initiative is just one of many humanitarian and community initiatives planned by the company during Ramadan, supporting thousands of fasting individuals and those in need around the world. These initiatives have wide-ranging charitable and humanitarian goals, aimed at supporting the poor and low-income individuals during the blessed month, both within and outside the country, across several nations, to meet their needs and requirements.

Dr. Mohammed Sohail Al Muhairi, CEO and Board Member of Dar Al Ber Society, affirmed that On Plan Real Estate’s charitable Ramadan initiative has a significant and far-reaching positive impact on the fasting individuals and those with limited income within the United Arab Emirates. The initiative provides for their food needs during the holy month of Ramadan. Al Muhairi described it as a vibrant and shining example of national community partnership, with the collaboration of private and government sectors, charitable organizations, civil society, and individuals all joining forces to enhance humanitarian work and charitable initiatives, while meeting the needs of the less fortunate and those with limited income. This collaboration solidifies the spiritual and religious atmosphere during the holy month.

The “Feed the Fasting and Invest with God” initiative is a testament to the community’s unity in the UAE, where efforts, energy, and resources converge from private and government entities, charitable organizations, and citizens, all with the aim of promoting humanitarian work, charitable initiatives, and meeting the needs of the less fortunate and those with limited income during the holy month.

In conclusion, Dar Al Ber Society encourages people of goodwill and righteousness to contribute to this initiative by giving their Zakat and donations to assist the society in meeting the needs of poor families, the underprivileged, the poor, and the needy, both within and outside the country, through charitable and humanitarian projects implemented by the society.

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